Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Trip Plan:04 Benton MacKaye Trail 287.2 m

To walk. To see.  To see what you see.
-Benton MacKaye (mac-eye)


Hiking Southbound (Northbound Mileage)

Mile 0 (286.2) Matt will drop me off at the northern terminus

Mile 56.7 (229.5) Will meet AT member at Bryson City for resupply.

Mile 97 (189.2) Dragon's Den at Deal's Gap
Pick up first box of supplies!  Fried food and soda pop!

Mile 134.8 (151.4) Green Cove Motel to resupply
Pick up second box of supplies!

Mile 176.2 (110) Reliance, TN.  Meet Matt for resupply, town time and 0 day!

Mile 214.2 (72) Watson Gap.  Will call for shuttle to grocery store, resupply and pick up supply box

Mile 248.0 (37.2) Restaurant ON THE TRAIL!

Mile 267.3 (17.9) Skeenah Creek campground .5 miles from trail.  Pick up final mail drop.  It's actually 19.9 miles to the closest trailhead parking, so 2 more days of hiking and then meet the family to head home!

 287.2 trail miles!  (I did the math in my head, so I may be off a little, it's still a plan.)

July 15
Ordered down jacket and 2015 guide book/trail maps today!
Still need one man tent and better rain gear.

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