Sunday, July 12, 2015

Planning:01 Trip: Montgomery Bell State Park 10 mile BP Loop

10.4 mile loop at Montgomery Bell State Park.  This is a loop trail with camping shelters and only rated as moderate, which is good because it's 100 degrees BEFORE you add in the heat index.  July. Yea.

Taking advantage of the proximity to the REI store in TN to stop in for a visit, I have never been before!  I want a huge pillow, my current camp pillow is like sleeping on a tictac.
Update: the July Cairn box had THE pillow I coveted but was unwilling to spend $30 on.  SCORE

I will be meeting Melissa for this hike, she's going on a caving trip beforehand, but for some reason that is not appealing to me right now.

Since it is so hot and there are camping shelters, I plan going sans tent and will take my hammock, no stove, basic summer gear.

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