Sunday, July 12, 2015

List:02 Food Options

I discovered early on that I don't like trying to clean goo off the inside of tiny pots when there's no sink with a drain that takes care of the waste water or bubbles involved. So, I adopted a 3 prong approach, I call it Trident Cooking. No, I don't really, but I should.

Prong One.
Cook in foil or on sticks when possible!

Prong Two.
Cold foods!

Prong Three.
Rehydrating foods using quart size freezer bags tucked into insulating pouches!

With all three methods there is only a small amount of trash to pack out and zero dishes or pots. All you need is a kettle and stove/fuel to use freezer bag cooking.  Some foil and a fire for campfire cooking.

I recently got a pair of these little guys, they will go in my kitchen kit and live there:

Always think ahead if you are planning to cook using a fire. Are you sure there will be fires allowed-could there be burn bans for dry conditions? Is the area popular-is there a chance available wood could be used up?

In your kitchen kit consider a couple extras, especially for shorter trips when weight is not as much an issue:

A small cutting board if you have along cheese, bread or veggies. I have nightmares about a knife slip into my thigh trying to get a chunk of cheese.  So I just eat the whole block in one sitting.  Safety.

A collapsible sink or bucket. This is so useful, I take one on every camping trip, even in the van.

A small tube of hand sanitizer to cut down on the chance of making yourself sick via touching your food without cleaning your hands.

If you use foil/stick/freezer bag cooking, you will have nothing to wash, so don't need soap or a cloth to clean with, you won't need to dig a grey water hole, won't have to haul more water or do anything more than eat, roll up your bag or fold the foil and put it in an odor-blocking baggie to carry out.

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